Monday, December 7, 2009


I've also recently finished my portfolio. here's some pages from it.

My personal logo

spreads including posters i've designed for the usu guitar club

brands/logos i've designed

website/business system designed for usu guitar club

business system/website designed for me!!

business system/packaging designed for gourmet cookie company

cd/dvd art and packaging


Its been awhile since i've done an update!! This semester's been super busy but I've learned/accomplished a ton. I've designed 2 websites for my interface class one is currently funcioning. is for the USU guitar club as i mentioned in a previous post. The other site is a site for the no longer going USU swiss summer abroad program. I had noticed that they didnt have a website anymore so i decided to design one for it then learning the program is discontinued. Also, i'm planning on getting my portfolio website up and running very soon. Here's some screen shots to check out.

shot from the usu guitar website i designed

Portfolio website screenshot

Flash Website for swiss program

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm blogging!!

Wow, so this is my first ever blog!!

I guess to catch you up, I'm almost done with college up at Utah State University. I'm a graphic design major and I'm very involved with alot of different things. I'm president of the USU guitar club on campus. We have alot of really cool concerts coming up soon. Check out our site for more info With this club I'm also teaching a documentary film class covering the adventure of being in charge of a local music club. Well, Thats it for now! Stay tuned for more to come soon!